Kensaku MatsunamiPostdoctoral researcher, Ghent University

Email: kensaku.matsunami (at)

SNS: LinkedIn, Researchgate, Google Scholar, ORCID


Job experience

Postdoctoral researcher, Ghent University (BIOMATH & LPPAT & PharmaEng)
2021Postdoctoral researcher, The University of Tokyo (Sugiyama Lab)
2018–2021Research Fellow (DC1), Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
2016Internship, F. Hoffmann-La Roche, Ltd., Kaiseraugst, Switzerland


2021Completion of Global Leader Program for Social Design and Management (GSDM)
2021Ph.D., Department of Chemical System Engineering, The University of Tokyo
Exchange student, Ghent University, Belgium
Master of Engineering, Department of Chemical System Engineering, The University of Tokyo
2017Visiting Scholar, Rutgers University, United States
Bachelor of Engineering, Department of Chemical System Engineering, The University of Tokyo



  • Kensaku Matsunami, "Development of design framework for solid drug product manufacturing processes" JSPS Grant-in-Aid for JSPS Fellows (DC1) JP18J22793 (FY2018–2020, JPY2,200,000)
  • Kensaku Matsunami, "Economic evaluation of continuous solid drug product manufacturing considering material properties" Research Abroad Grant Award, The New Pharmaceutical Technology and Engineering Foundation (2019, JPY500,000)
  • Kensaku Matsunami, Study Abroad Musha Shugyo Program, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo (2016, JPY400,000)



  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing: e.g., solid drug products, continuous manufacturing, and granulation
  • Healthcare system: e.g., precision medicine, drug price reduction, and countermeasures for a pandemic
  • Others: e.g., sustainability and policy-making


  • Process systems engineering: e.g., process synthesis, economic assessment, optimization, surrogate modeling, and hybrid modeling
  • Powder engineering: e.g., population balance models (PBM)
  • Statistics and data science: e.g., design of experiments (DoE), multivariant analysis, and machine learning
  • Programming: e.g., MATLAB and Python


  • Education: e.g., education in chemical engineering and educational system within a lab
  • Career planning: e.g., Ph.D. promotion, networking, and global cooperation
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